4.8 out of 5 stars.
As the celestial bodies cycle through the heavens, swinging into and out of alignment with you, with your sign; so will your fates ebb and flow. The stars may shine upon you one moment only to desert you the next…
Can you take control, change your future, by moving your faith across houses of the astrological zOdiac? Is fortune is in your stars today? The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Now you can do the same.

This game is focused on the signs of the astrological zodiac; but unlike others in the genre, it allows the player to pick their own sign as the top symbol in the hierarchy.

12 Respectfully rendered, fully animated signs of the zodiac spin their way across the heavens and across the reels, sometimes coming into a very fortuitous alignments. The Moon symbol triggers freespins, the Sun is wild and aligns with all symbols (except scatter).

Notable Features:
  • Choose your sign as the top symbol!
  • Win up to 251,640 Coins on a single spin
  • 5 Coin, 20 Line
  • Win up to 8 Free Spins at x2
Game provider Saucify
Game platform
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