Jack Talks Bitcoin

Why use Bitcoin to gamble online? 

While Jack is always handing out bigger and better offers for Bitcoin, the real story of why Jacks cares is quite simple.

Over the years banks and specifically credit card issuers have started trying to stop and control people from being able to gambling online - something Jack doesn't think is right or even fair.
This results in credit card deposits failing and often both the player and Jack are charged considerable fees from the credit card companies processing payments. 

Bitcoin is the solution being adopted across the online gambling community due to the total freedom it offers players; no more failed deposits or fees simply for making deposits or withdrawals.
Using Bitcoin gives you complete control over your money & very low fees if you want to send it anywhere in the world.

Using Bitcoin at JacksPay is only for depositing and withdrawing your funds, while you're placing bets or playing in the Casino, your funds are in whichever currency you selected while signing up.

To get started using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw Jack has put together a step by step walk through https://www.JacksPay.com/bitcoin 
Like anything new, it can seem a bit overwhelming getting started using Bitcoin - if at anytime you ever have questions, Jack has people waiting to answer any of your questions.

Once you're up and running - it will become second nature and you will start to see the benefits right away.

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