JacksPay’s Trusted Casino Overview

What Makes a Great Online Casino? 

Jack is on a mission to make JacksPay one of the most enjoyable, lucrative, useful, and immersive online casinos in the world. But what really makes a great online casino? 

For us, there’s a range of factors that separate the very top platforms from everyone else. Of course this includes games (quality & depth) and bonuses, but also banking reliability, quality of information, fairness, and much more. 

Let’s dive right in and see why the top online casinos - including JacksPay - are trusted to deliver unbeatable player experiences. 

Why Players Trust JacksPay Online Casino

Huge games selection

One of the reasons JacksPay is trusted by so many players is our commitment to games: while some casinos split their focus, Jack insists on both premium quality and broad variety. Our video slots range from the classic 3-reel style with bells and fruit, to much more advanced and cinematic creations. 

More importantly, our games come with generous RTPs and a range of variances to suit all players. 

Top quality developers

The key to truly successful games is the developers. JacksPay’s trusted software development partners allow us to provide an ongoing stream of new & exciting games, each with its own unique style and quality. 

Some developers focus on stunning aesthetics while others build simple and robust games focused on big payouts - at JacksPay, we deliver both.  

Lucrative bonus offers

There’s a lot of casinos out there competing for attention. Players can therefore pick and choose their casinos. Something that makes JackPay a legitimate top-tier casino is our commitment to lucrative, high-value bonuses. 

New players can cash in on JacksPay’s trusted 300% welcome bonus up to $600. Or, if you’re a Bitcoin user, a bonus worth 400% of your initial deposit. But the best prizes of all are reserved for JacksPay Rewards players: the more you wager, the bigger the rewards! 

Secure & varied banking methods

JacksPay offers all the banking methods players need and expect in 2020. First and foremost, we recommend depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin. There is no limit to how much you can withdraw, and Bitcoin is the fastest and most secure online casino payment option. 

But of course we also support credit cards, wire transfers and other methods. As you can see, Jack only partners with legitimate payment methods. Using these JacksPay trusted partners, your cash will be in safe hands. 

Dedicated customer support

An integral part of JacksPay’s trusted setup is our commitment to customer service. We offer both live chat and phone support to help resolve any issues and answer general queries. We are also building a comprehensive library of FAQs to make our players' lives even easier. The best casinos always focus on delivering great customer experience. 

Free play games

The biggest risk to new online casino players is losing money while still learning the rules. If you’ve never played a video slot before, or you’ve only seen blackjack in movies, then you’ll need to practice before you can win regularly. Almost all of Jack’s games are available in ‘demo’ or ‘free play’ mode. 

This means the game has identical mechanics, features, and payouts as normal - but you play for free, using virtual currency. Of course you can’t win real money either, but the function of demo games is to let you play, practice, and improve your skills without any financial risk. 

JacksPay’s Trusted Random Number Generators

“But if the game’s outcomes are controlled by computers, how can I trust them?”

That’s probably the number 1 question posed by new players. The answer is that here at JacksPay Casino, all our games are powered by Random Number Generators (RNGs) to guarantee that every spin, deal, or roll is absolutely random. Just like in a physical casino, our games are totally unpredictable. 

How do RNGs improve fairness? 

Let’s take video slots as an example. A common myth is that slot machines can become “loaded”: that after a certain number of spins or losses, a big payout is guaranteed. This is total fiction. Every spin has exactly the same odds of paying out. 

The RNG gives every player, regardless of wager size, the exact same chance to win. JacksPay has absolutely no influence over any game’s results - except, of course, for the fact that we provide the cash whenever you do win!

Payouts: How Do I Know JacksPay is Legitimate?   

It’s great to know that games pay fairly and generously. But what about actually withdrawing your winnings from the casino? 

Some online casinos make life hard for players: refusing to release payments, failing to reply to queries, and virtually forcing players to keep their money in the casino. Jack hates that kind of b*llshit. 

First of all, Jack only partners with respected banking companies like Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and your local bank. We also prioritise Bitcoin payments since these are the most secure option for our players. JacksPay is trusted to always deliver on payments and our players are delighted with our service. If there are ever technical issues, you can get us on the phone or live chat straight away. 

The Importance of Slots for Online Casinos

Video slots and progressives are probably the kingpins of all online casino games. The JacksPay slots collection contains over 500 unique games from a range of developers. There are some classic 3-reel games, but the majority are more immersive titles with themes including: ancient history, fantasy, sports, pop culture, and many more. 

Video slots are incredibly popular for their in-game immersiveness. Modern games are filled with bonus rounds, dynamic gameplay, and awesome animations. Video slots are moving closer and closer to video game quality, while still retaining the high-value payouts and volatility that players love. 

Progressive slots are typically more robust and less immersive. The focus of these games, plain and simple, is on volatility and payouts. Progressives range from payouts of a few hundred bucks (paying out often) to life-changing sums of millions of dollars. The biggest recorded win was €17,879,645 a couple of years ago (somewhere around $20m) from a $0.50 spin. 

Other Games at JacksPay Online Casino

While players love slots, there are many other games to explore at top-tier online casinos. 

  • Table games - The most popular table games are undoubtedly blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Table games offer more strategic gameplay, and online players can occupy multiple seats at the table for a faster, more dynamic betting experience. Here at JacksPay online casino, the table games collection also includes Casino Battle, Red Dog, Craps, and multiple poker variations. 

  • Video poker - Enjoy games like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better for an easy & fun gaming session. 

  • Speciality games - For fans of the more niche casino games, Jack’s surely got you covered. Our speciality games include over 15 bingo & keno variations. 

  • Progressives - More interested in monster wins than intricate gameplay or strategy? Launch one of our progressive slots and try to trigger a life-changing jackpot win. 

  • Live dealer - Live casino table games are manned by real dealers in physical casino settings, with all the action live-streamed to players. Bets are made using a virtual overlay on the table, combining the best of both the digital and physical casino worlds. 

Immersive Mobile Gaming   

In recent years, the popularity of online casinos has been booming - but mobile gaming is growing even faster! Nearly half of all online casino players are now using their smartphones and tablets to get their fix of mobile slots, blackjack, and other games. 

Like most casinos in 2020, JacksPay doesn’t have a downloadable app: instead, our players can simply tune into the site from any device and the platform will automatically optimise its layout. Whether it’s an extended mobile blackjack session or you’re just looking to optimistically toss $10 at a progressive jackpot, you can do it all from your smartphone - any place, any time. 

Top Quality Content: Reviews, Tips, Strategy

Here at Jacks Pay online casino, we try to go beyond just offering games and bonuses to players. Jack’s goal is to help you make bigger profits and achieve more at the casino

We provide detailed reviews of games so you know which are the best match for your likes and budget. Our gameplay and strategy guides are designed to teach you everything from video slot basics to the complex intricacies of multi-deck card counting in European blackjack. Our platform is geared towards providing the ultimate online casino experience for all of our players. 

Currently stocking 500+ games, we’re going to build relationships with more developers, release more lucrative bonus offers and pioneer new strategies to make JacksPay online casino the internet’s most immersive gaming experience. 

We’re only getting started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know JacksPay is legitimate and trustworthy?
Since we have positive reviews among our players, we only partner with credible and established banking companies, and we only use verified games by recognised developers. 

How quickly does JacksPay payout winnings?
Bitcoin payments will be in your wallet within a few hours. Other e-wallets will take roughly 24 hours, and other methods 3-7 business days. 

How much money can I make at online casinos?
There is no limit to what you can earn. Many casinos do limit withdrawal amounts, but with JacksPay’s trusted Bitcoin payments, your deposits and withdrawals are unlimited

How can I tell whether a casino bonus is valuable or not?
Most quality casinos will offer players a 100% deposit match worth at least $200. Jack currently offers 400% up to $400, making it an incredible bonus. It’s all relative: the more you play, the better you’ll get at recognising value. 

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